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Justify FullAnother funny story begins...

One day, Jusoh and his wife went to the hospital because his wife was about to give birth.

Jusoh: "Help me doctor, my wife is about to give birth"

Doctor: "Alright, I will help you"

After all the preparation was made, now its time for examination. After the examine, he found that her vagina was not yet opened. A few minutes later, a nurse came to examine his wife's condition and open his wife's skirt to see whether his wife was ready. Jusoh has lost his patient when there was no attempts made but his wife's skirt was open & close several times. Deep inside, he was wondering what they were trying to do. Then, he made a decision, whoever open his wife's skirt after this, he will punch them right on the face.

A few minutes later, a doctor came in and open his wife's skirt with intention to examine. Out of nowhere, one flying kick was right on the doctor's face. The doctor was shocked..

Doctor: "Why you hit me?"

Jusoh: "I was really annoyed when you guys open and close my wife's skirt...You think my wife's vagina is a TV".


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