3 Man

One day, there was a man named Ali who worked in the office. Suddenly, he felt like his wife has another man, he ran from the office and went back to his apartment. When he reached his apartment, he went directly to his room and saw his wife sleeping. He took off the blanket and say..honey...He was surprised when he knew that his wife was naked. He looked all over the place searching for the man who slept his wife. Then he went to the balcony and saw a man was running to the bus stop with pants on his shoulder. Then he lifted his big fridge and threw to the guy from 10th floor. After that, he went to the doctor and the doctor asked him:-

Doctor: Yes, can I help you?

Ali: I think I hurt my arms because I carried my big and heavy fridge.

Doctor: (whispering) Why in the hell he lifted that fridge, what he didn't have anything to do?

Then came a guy named Abu and his face was nearly broken but not broken yet

Doctor: OMG!! What happen?

Abu: Yesterday I went for interview, among 500 people I'm the one who get the job. With happy feeling I said to the boss "I will come early tomorrow evening!" But this evening I forgot because I enjoyed watching TV. I looked at my watch, it's already 6.30 but my working hour started at 6.50. After that, I went to the bus stop wearing boxer, then I put my pants on my shoulder. After that, I don't why in the hell this son of b***h threw a fridge on my head from 10th floor!!

Ali: ...........................

Then came a guy. This one is really bad!! They have to assist them to the bed. All his body was really injured except for his mouth.

Doctor: OMG!! what happen?

The Guy: I'm actually a bad guy. I like to go to big houses to rape ladies. After I saw a man went out from his house, I went in and raped his wife. After a few hours raping, I heard somebody came in to the house. I was panicking and hide into his big and heavy fridge. Out of nowhere, this idiot threw the fridge from 10th floor!!


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