Faster Honey..I Can't Stand It...

Another funny story goes...

There was one couple who just got married "kantoi" do evil at stool plant..on their wedding night..

Wife: Honey..I want to "ehem", faster..I can't stand it anymore..

The husband who just in the toilet instantly cleaning up all the germs on his body because he knew that his wife couldn't stand it..well..first night...anyway, the husband came out from the toilet without any shirts on his body...

Wife: Honey..Come on...

Husband: Alright.Alright..I also couldn't stand it anymore..

Wife: Huh?? What sort of things you couldn't stand??

Husband: I want "ehem"..hehe..

Wife: Lol..hahaha..What I meant by "ehem" is that I want to shit...not that sort of "ehem"..(sex)

Husband: Damn!!...


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