The Boss & The Secretary

Another funny story..

There was a man about 50s and work as a CEO in a big private company in KL.
One day...the boss called his secretary to come into his office..As usual the secretary came into his office..Justify Full
Can you make me a letter for our client..

After finished, the secretary then asked...

Secretary: Boss..just now..when I came to the office..I saw your garage gate was opened..

Boss: Really??..Its okay later I call home..thank you..

The secretary then went back to her desk..and the boss call his wife at home..

Boss: Darling..can you look at our garage gate...was it open?
Wife: Just now I saw it wasn't open...

Boss: Yes it open...take a look again...
Wife: No, its not open, I saw it was close just now...
Boss: Just take a look again...

Wife: Okay..Okay..

After half an hour...while the boss was relaxing..he realized his zip was opened..(he doesn't like to wear underwear)..he was panicked how to cover his humiliation...and at the same afternoon...

Boss: Err...Just now, when you saw it opened..did you see BMW inside?

Secretary: Nope..I just saw a Mini Cooper with two flat tyres in front..

Moral: You should wear underwear...


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