The Intelligent Boss

The story is about a human being who was appointed to replace the existing boss in a big company. Because of the workers were not that motivated and always careless + lazy, the new boss decided to teach them a little bit on the first of his working day in the company. So, he will terminate a person that he finds out to be the most lazy on the spot. Unfortunately, he saw a man standing by the wall.

"Hey you!!", he shouted. "Me?", the standing man said. "Yeah you, who else?", he shouted again. Because he shouted loud, it gets the attention of other workers and all of them starred at the man. "How much is your salary?", he said. "Around $800.", the man answered.

"Take this money ($800) & get out from this company. If you want to be lazy again, go somewhere else". The man took that money and left just like that. The boss looked at all his workers, it's like he wants his workers to be understood, anyone who's lazy, straight away get his ass fired! He felt that his workers understood, he was satisfied. Before he went to his office, he asked to one of his workers, "The guy that I just fired his ass off, which department he came from?"

The worker says "Oh, he was only delivered the pizza, he's not even working here".


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