Good Morning Teacher

This is another great funny story and it's totally hilarious.

Students: Good morning, Teacher.

Teacher: (Shout) Why good morning only? you don't want to say good afternoon & evening for me?

Students: Good morning, afternoon & evening Teacher.

Teacher: Same same, sit! Now listen, I want to test you all with opposite words. When I say the word, you have to answer it fast, the opposite words, understand?

Students: Understand, Teacher!

Teacher: I don't want to be bothered.

Students: (Silent)

Teacher: Clever!

Students: Stupid!

Teacher: Tall!

Students: Short!

Teacher: Far!

Students: Near!

Teacher: Justice!

Students: UMNO!

Teacher: Wrong!

Students: Right!

Teacher: Stupid!

Students: Clever!

Teacher: No!

Students: Yes!

Teacher: Oh God!

Students: Oh Dear!

Teacher: Listen here!

Students: Listen there!

Teacher: Shut up!

Students: Make some noise!

Teacher: That's not the question, stupid!

Students: This is the answer, clever!

Teacher: I'm so dead!

Students: we're so alive!

Teacher: Lazy to teach you!

Students: Diligent we study Teacher!

Teacher: You're all crazy!

Students: We're all fine!

Teacher: Enough! Enough!

Students: Less! Less!

Teacher: Why you're all so stupid?

Students: Because we're all so clever!

Teacher: (Silent and take all his books and out from the class)


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