17th Birthday

I heard this funny story from my friend and I think it's quite funny:

A son was asking her mother.

Son: Mom, can we make a party in our house during my 17th birthday?

Mother: Can..Can..I will set up everything for you okay..

Son: Mom, can I invite my friends?

Mother: Can, you can invite anyone you like.

Son: Mom, can I wear pink color?

Mother: Can, I'll buy you later.

His 17th birthday has arrived, they were partying, his friends were there, the son was wearing his new clothes and once again, he asked her mother.

Son: Mom, can i put on lipstick?

Mother: No Way!

Son: Mom, it's my 17th birthday and it happens once in a life time, why can't I put on lipstick?

Mother: No! you can make a party, you can invite your friends, you can wear pink color but you can't put a lipstick in your lips!

Son: Please mom...please....

Mother: David!!! I don't want to compromise anymore..CANNOT..you're a GUY!!!!


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