Zorro, Robin Hood & Aborigine's Man

One day, there was a competition for the public to shower power using their own weapons. There were 2 participants that through to final, Zorro and Robin Hood. So they went to a forest to take a walk while finding ideas for their competition. While they were walking, they saw a very beautiful aborigine woman.

So they agreed to compete for those who win will get the woman. Then they called the woman and placed an apple on top of her head. The first man was Zorro, he moved around 50 metres from the woman and threw his sword to the apple on top of her head. Zuuupp, the apple cut into half, with pride, he said, "I AM ZORRO".

Then it's Robin's turn, he moved around 100 metres. By using his arrow, zuuppp, the apple cut into half and with pride, he said, "I AM ROBIN HOOD".

While they were competing, an aborigine man pass-by them.

He felt threaten because the woman from his tribe easily get married with outsiders. So because of responsibility, he participated into the competition. By using a blow-pipe and 150 metres distance, it's the aborigine man's turn, zzzuuupp!!!..prappp....

It went through the woman's head and she's dead. He said "I AM SORRY"


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