Useless Stuff

James and his wife married for more than 10 years. One day, when James wife went back from visiting her mother, James was having "bedroom lambada" with another woman in their room. With full of anger, James wife slammed the door and left the house. James ran after her and says, "Listen to me first before you're deciding to leave and at least, you'll know what's this all about"

His wife was blurred and stopped her step. "Just now, when I went back from the office, I saw this young woman near the road with her messy dresses and wet. Because I pity her, I brought her back. She's hungry, that's why I gave her food that you kept in the store, that you didn't want anymore."

"After that, I gave her dress that you're no longer wear because it's already shrunk and when I saw her not wearing a sandle, I gave her one because I thought you don't need it anymore. After that, I gave her sweater that I bought for our anniversary but you don't use it even once because you don't like the color", he added.

"Actually that woman is about to go.."

"So, what the heck she's doing here?", his wife asked.

"When she's about to go, she asks if there's an old stuff that your wife don't need anymore, sir?"


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