Funny Swimming

A long time ago, there was a king who liked to play "game" by challenging his people. One day, the king conducted a very dangerous "game" ever. The people were asked to swim in a big pool with dangerous crocodiles in it. Whoever can swim from one side to another and ashore safely, the king will marry him with his daughter. By that time, not even one people were brave enough to participate in that dangerous "game".

Out of nowhere, there was a guy who dive into the pool and swimming fast to another corner. When he reached to the other side, the people around clapped for him because of his braveness. The king was proud of him and asked "Other than marriage, what else do you want young man?"

The guy took a deep breath and says "I hope you can the cut their heads off for those people who pushed me into that damn pool..luckily I'm safe..if not the crocodiles will eat me alive.."


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